For cosmetic/supplement manufactures,
advertising agencies

  • Social Media Policies
  • FTC Guidelines
  • Search Engine Guidelines

*Japan Patent Office Classified (2019)

*Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) Patent Obtained (2024)

*Japan Trademark Registered (2024)

*Applying International Patent Classification (2022)

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Online Guideline Check Platform
“TRUSQUETTA" is a tool that automatically
checks advertisement texts of cosmetics and
health food products. Using TRUSQUETTA,
your company's flow to check advertisements
will be simplified and quick.


3 features of TRUSQUETTA

Using patented technology

TRUSQUETTA was classified by the Japanese Patent Office in
2019. Since then, we have established our business as an
advertisement pre-check tool. In 2022, we have applied for the
International Patent Classification. We are aspiring to expand
our stage to the world.

AI Implementation

TRUSQUETTA has excellent customozabillity. Our product
development team works on additional customization for rules
and laws applied in your industry. Would you customize a check
tool to fit your company’s needs?

Support System

Annotation is required to improve accuracy because of the AI
utilized in the software. We will support you for annotation,
which expertise is necessary.


4 Benefits of TRUSQUETTA

Cost Cut

Reduce costs by up to 50%*

*From user’s voice

Smooth Ad Check

Strengthen Corporate Governance

Build trust with customers and clients, by
implementing TRUSQUETTA.


Stay compliant, stay ahead. We take compliance seriously.


I recommend this tool. Anyone can check advertisement expressions in seconds.
Not only is it useful as a checking tool, but it also provides helpful support.
We want to follow the law and conduct clean advertising operations throughout the industry.

Is that expression usable?
Easy check with just 1 click

You can try TRUSQUETTA’s ad check for free. Enter an expression you want to check here and press “check" to see your results!

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